Career Options For Commerce Stream Graduates

Commerce graduated have many options like moving into accounting felid,

banking, finance etc but if some of is looking forward to work bit off the track then there are some highly paid and lucrative options also available .

Financial analyst: There is new prominent designation in corporate world; financial analyst. Charted accountants are needed for financial accounting, taxation and costing work but when it comes to manage the investment and financial services, financial analysts are required.

No matter whether banks, financial institutions or even general company, all shall need the financial analysts. Since every company make the investments for new products launch, to extend the existing product line or business diversifications. These are the areas where financial analyst would be required.

Education or certification: After commerce graduation one can opt for masters in financial management and after successful completion of same one has to clear the entrance which is in various stages form alike certification course for charted accountants.

Future prospects: Career starts as executive trainee in financial sector company. However as you gain the experience and on successful completion of projects you can be appointed as executive to analyze various financial and investments projects. Later with handful of experience one can apply for financial officer, chief finance officer, Vice president Finance etc.

Insurance: Now this is one felid which is growing in any country. In some courtiers government is making mandatory to take insurance which augments the number of insurance companies in market. Insurance is now mandatory in automobiles, home, health, travel and on high value assets.

Education and certifications: since Insurance sector is growing at very fast pace, there are various banking and insurance agencies providing the Insurance agent membership to sell their various products line. One can opt to be part of financial organization agent program and sell the product line.

Also there are some insurance services run by government itself one can serve as assistant administrative officers with in government insurance sector. Also one can apply for other positions in insurance organization owned by government such as administration accountant, payment claim officer, insurance inspector, policy dealing officer, marketing and fund management officer.

Future prospect; One can work as insurance agent; it is quite lucrative field now days. Also you can work in operations and administrative department of banks or insurance companies.