Career Options As A Gerontologist

careers-in-gerontology Gerontology is a health care profession which studies the biomedical, psychological, behavioral, social and political aspects associated with the process of aging which may have an adverse impact on the welfare of the old people. A person professionally qualified is gerontology is known as a Gerontologist.

Gerontologists are employed by hospitals, private nursing homes, senior citizen centers, old age homes, mental health centres, schools and colleges, clinics and health centres, public health offices and so on. Various career profiles are available such as research gerontologists, administrative gerontologists, applied gerontologists etc depending on the field of work such as research, administration, health care, mental health, leisure and recreation, policy planning, education, legal services, housing etc.

Research Gerontologists: are involved in the research and communication of geronotlogical aspects by publishing their findings in medical journals and through various other media.

Administrative Gerontologists: are involved in administration work in various capacities such as professional managers, gerontology administrators, program specialists etc

Health Care Gerontology Professionals: Various career profiles available in health care sector are as Gerontology nurses, Gerontology physicians, Gerontology pediatricians, Gerontology pharmacists, Gerontology social workers and so on. Professions available in Mental Health field are as geropsychiatrists and geropsychiatric nurses

Applied gerontologists: are the gerontology professionals who work directly with the old people in order to analyze their problems and then emphasizing on the practical application of geronotlogical aspects.

Leisure and Recreation Gerontology Professionals: work as recreation and exercise therapists

Policy Planning Gerontology Professionals are responsible for the policy analysis and policy development for the welfare of the old people.

There are several universities that offer associate, bachelors, and master’s programs in gerontology such as Gerontology Certificate Program, Bachelors in Gerontology and Master in Gerontology. Career aspirants are required to have minimum a certificate program or bachelor degree in Gerontology Program to start a career in this field.