Career Option as a Mining Engineer

mining Mining Engineering is a combination of engineering and geosciences. That is, Mining Engineering is a field of geosciences where engineering principles are used for the exploration of mineral ore, petroleum and oil deposits on earth’s surface and for the subsequent extraction of minerals and oils by using advanced mining technologies and sophisticated mining equipments.

Career as a Mining Engineer is a highly prestigious career and it is comparatively difficult to get a position as a mining Engineer as this field has become highly competitive nowadays.

Mining Engineers
are responsible for the survey of the mining sites; exploration of the sites for the mineral and oil deposits; designing and development of the life support system for underground mines; researching and designing most cost effective mining equipments and mineral extraction technologies.

Mining Engineering
can be a challenging and risky profession but this career is highly rewarding in terms of job satisfaction, compensation packages and career advancement. Plenty of career opportunities are available for qualified Mine Engineers in the fields of Mine designing; Mine construction; Mine management; Mining equipment designing and Mineral extraction technology. Prospective employers include private and public sector petroleum mining companies; oil companies; mining finance houses; mine research organizations; mineral production firms and other similar organizations.

Career aspirants in this field are expected to have at least a bachelor level qualification in Engineering with a specialization either in Mining Technology or in Mineral Engineering. Major bachelor courses available in the field of Mining Technology and Mining Engineering are B. Tech in Mining Engineering; B. Tech in Mining Machinery; B. Tech in Petroleum Engineering; B. Tech in Mineral Engineering and B. Tech in Mining Technology. Major Master level programmes offered in this field are M.Sc (Tech) in Applied Geology with specialization in Mining Engineering and M.Sc (Tech) in Applied Geophysics with specialization in Mining Sciences.