Career Opportunities In Housekeeping

Career Opportunities In Housekeeping Since centuries, keeping maids for home has become a fashion depending upon the needs. Maids are usually recruited for dishwashing, washing clothes, taking care of children, cooking food etc. But now, things are different all the way.

Instead for recruiting several house maids for performing these tough jobs, one person can do it all. That personality is known as Housekeeper. Difference is, a housekeeper can do this all along with the perfection and smartness you expect for and now-a-days housekeeping is considered as a reputed job which is high in demand.

Housekeeping is a great idea to choose career in Hospitality sector. If you love serving people, keeping things around clean and tidy, efficient in handling clients and enriched with humbleness, then this job might get your attention. Housekeepers are recruited all over the world. In hotels, inns, motels, you can easily spot the housekeeping room attendants.

They look smart, work efficiently and deal with you politely. Whether it is a full time or part time job, it is one of the most emerged careers in Hospitality management. It can also pay you a handsome amount of money which could be enough to cherish your life. Pay scale is mainly depending upon the experience and skills one possesses. So being a good housekeeper, you need to have some basic skills which you can acquire easily by little practice with early start in your life.

Types of Housekeeping Jobs

There are basically two types of housekeeping jobs available these days. Depending upon the needs, demands and location, housekeeping can be done in two ways: Household Housekeeping and Housekeeping Room Attendants. A detail of each is given below.

Job Description

Being a full time household housekeeper, you need to be presentable and fast in performing tasks. Politeness, flexible to work, multi tasking, easy going in case of handling children (if any), sound knowledge of first aid, comfortable in dealing with guests are some basic and most sought qualities. Good communication is an additional advantage for this job. For a part time household housekeeping job, all the skills remains the same with the difference that part time housekeepers need to do fixed tasks assigned to them. It might be just cooking or cleaning or handling and taking care of kids etc.

While for housekeeping room attendants, one has to clean the room, make the beds, change linens and towels, responsible for the availability and replacement of toiletries and other stuffs, checking for the security of rooms , maintaining privacy of guests, active enough for repetitive rounds for rooms as per the need etc. But the most important is, room attendant must be attentive enough to meet the guest’s requests and demands in polite manner like retrieving items on loan (for example iron, iron board etc). Comprehensible communication is a valuable asset for this job.


For both types of housekeeping jobs, there is not much emphasis on educational point of view. A High School or equivalent degree is sufficient to go for these jobs. It would good to be at least 18 years of age for this. A certification in housekeeping will be very much beneficial. One day online training seminars or housekeeping workshops are used to run for the same purpose. Few online certification programs are run which can last from one day to several months viz. The Fine Art of Table Setting, Executive Housekeeping and The Art and Science of Professional Laundering. With these programs along with personal management experiences, you can be skilled and eligible for housekeeping job.

Colleges and Universities for Housekeeping Certification

As housekeeping comes under the hospitality sector, hence housekeeping is usually being taught in Hospitality Management Colleges and Universities. Housekeeping classes generally includes early childhood classes, book keeping and household administration, nutrition and early childhood classes. Below are top 5 Hospitality Management colleges which offer a career in housekeeping.

Kaplan University, LA, The Art University of Pittsburgh, Westwood College- Online College, Wood Tobe-Coburn School, CA, and Fox College- Online College.

Apart from this, academic history in economics and home science can also help. Vocational schools and colleges organize training courses for teaching specific skills like cooking, first aid, child care, cleaning etc.

Specific Qualification and Skills Required for Housekeeping Room Attendants

A secondary school diploma is preferred over others for household housekeeping job. Also you must be presentable and consisting of pleasing personality. Flexible to work, potential, detail-oriented, professional at work are most considering aspects. Also you should be able enough to work independently, remarkable in time management; excellent organizational skills are also the highlights of this job. Good knowledge regarding Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) and excellent communication skills works best in your favor.

Job Opportunities and Pay scale

Housekeeping jobs deals with numerous vacancies. If you have balanced amount of skills required, there are high chances of you to get hired. Now-a-days, finding such job is not a tough task. Several companies, newspapers and online recruitment services open up the housekeeping job opportunities on the daily basis. Also check for your family and friends suggestions.

Working as a housekeeper returns you with fair amount of pay scale. Depending upon the experience, pay scale may range from $5 to $10 an hour. It can go flexible. Pay scale mainly depends upon the house or the institution you work for, the location, employer’s demands, the length of time you are required to work etc. Working in resorts or hotels may enrich you little higher on pay scale like more than $11 per hour depending upon the location and the size of the institution.

Scope in Housekeeping Career

Though for housekeeping career, there is not specific qualification is required yet experience plays a big game here. More you have experience in this field; more will be the chances of getting hired. You can work as a part time housekeeper for more than one employer i.e. households, hotels/motels etc. Both type of housekeeping jobs can take you to the hotel industry for a great career. You can also start your own housekeeping business as this is in vogue.

With lots of hard work and experience, housekeeping takes care of you for higher positions like Assistant or Executive Housekeeper, Laundry Supervisor and Aircraft Groomer.

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