Career Opportunities in Genetics and Genetic Engineering

Genetics1 Genetics is the scientific study of genes, heredity and genetic variations present in various forms of life. Genetic engineering is an advanced field of biotechnology which is nothing but the scientific manipulation of the genes by using methods such as genetic mutation in order to get the desired results.

Genetics is a vast field with multitudes of sub branches such as Human Genetics, Animal Genetics, Molecular Genetics, Medical Genetics, Plant Genetics, Evolutionary Genetics, and Transmission Genetics.

Human Genetics deals with the aspects such as Gene Therapy; the Human Genome Project and Modern Human Genomics and Molecular Genetics deals with various aspects of the gene molecular processes. Evolutionary Genetics is the scientific study and research of evolution of Genes and Race while Transmission Genetics deals with the transmission processes of genes through external applications. Plant Genetics deals with the applications of genetics in agriculture, horticulture and related fields while Animal Genetics study about various applications of genetics in the field of animal husbandry and dairy technology.

Candidates who wish to pursue a career in Genetics must have at least a master level qualification in Genetics such as M.Sc in Human Genetics, M.Sc in Applied Genetics, Human Genetics and Molecular Genetics or M.Sc Medical Genetics. Career positions are available for qualified candidates as Laboratory Geneticist; Genetic Counselor; Plant Geneticist; Animal Geneticist; Genetic Engineers; Genetics Scientists; Patent Specialists; Medical Geneticist and so on.

Plenty of job opportunities are available in universities and colleges as teachers and professors; in corporate firms active in the field of genetics research as executives; in scientific journal publishing firms as writers and editors and in DNA forensic departments as gene testing officials for investigative purposes.

Qualified Geneticists can also find jobs in GMO (Genetically modified Organisms) research establishments and gene testing facilities as researchers and testers, and GMOs manufacturing firms as sales and marketing professionals.


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  • Priya

    Iam priya and i have completed B.Tech Biotechnology. Now I got married and living in London. Am in a confusion of which PG course to select among MSc.Medical Molecular Biology and MSc.Medical Microbiology. Which course has more job opportunities and soon after MSc degree and which one would be better for an average student. Will anyone please give some suggestions…