Career Opportunities for a Zoologist

career-in-geology Zoology, a branch of biology, is the scientific study of animals. It is a vast field offering wide career choices in research and academic field. Zoology is taught as a subject at bachelor, master and doctorate level in almost all general universities. Anyone with a genuine interest and love for animals and wildlife can pursue a career as a professional zoologist. 

Career aspirants with a bachelor or master degree along with a bachelor in education qualification can find plenty of jobs as teachers and course instructors in schools and colleges. People with advanced qualifications such as a PhD in Zoology are recruited in colleges and universities as lecturers and professors. There are plenty of employment opportunities available for them in wildlife and animal research organizations also. A career as a research scientist will be the most satisfying career choice for professional Zoologists with high academic qualifications.

Zoologists are recruited by government agencies for filling various vacancies existing in their environment, wildlife and animal husbandry departments. They are also required by pharmaceutical firms, biological research organizations and private firms active in biomedical research. They are employed by museums and zoos, wildlife conservation agencies, NGOs working for animal welfare and wildlife rehabilitation agencies.

In museums and zoos, zoologists are recruited as Wildlife Curators for the acquisition of animals for zoos; Wildlife Educators for developing educational materials for visiting clients, and as Animal Behaviorists to  educate zoo employees in animal behaviour. Career positions available with Wildlife rehabilitation agencies are as Wildlife Rehabilitators where their responsibility is to rehabilitate sick and orphaned wild animals. Wildlife conservation agencies recruit zoologists as Wildlife Conservationists where their major responsibility is to conserve the extinct species of wildlife and animals.

Private television channels recruit experienced and skilled zoologists for making and presenting documentaries on animals and wildlife. Probably this is the most glamorous career choice available for zoologists today.