Career Opportunities as Accountant

Accountants are responsible for analyzing and communicating finance related information. They are generally employed by business firms, individual clients, companies and government agencies. Accountants are trained and skilled professionals whose job is to make sure that the business firms and individual clients whom they are associated with maintain good financial records and pay taxes regularly.

Apart from traditional jobs of analyzing financial documents and verifying them, responsibilities of modern accountants have widened to great level. Accounting professionals are, now, required to possess a good variety of skills and knowledge. Services which modern accountants are required to offer include financial planning, investment planning, budget analysis, IT consulting and legal services to limited extent.

Accountant job description

Roles of accountant are vital in any company or business setting. Professionals working in the capacities of accountant or auditor keep track of their company’s financial and accounting records. Account reports prepared by these professionals are, then, reviewed by managers and other concerned people to know how well the particular company is faring.

Generally, people pursue accountant careers under four job titles. These are known as public accountant, government accountant, management accountant and internal auditor.

Public accountants

These professionals perform a wide range of professional activities related to accounting, tax, auditing and consulting works. Their clients may range from individuals to governments, business houses and nonprofit organizations. Most of the working public accountants are Certified Public Accountants [CPAs]. They work under the capacities of both self-employed and employed by public accounting firms.

Government accountants

Government accountants are generally employed by public sector organizations where they maintain and examine records of taxation and government regulations which private business firms are subjected to. Government accountants mostly work under local government, state government and federal government. Government accountants ensure that revenues from individuals and businesses are received and expenditures are met according to prescribed laws as well as regulations.

Management accountants

Management accountants are also known as cost accountants or corporate accountants. They are generally employed by industries and corporate settings. Some of the responsibilities performed by these professionals include cost management, performance evaluation, budgeting and asset management.

Internal auditors

Internal auditors are responsible for evaluating internal records, financial accuracy, management processes and information systems of the organizations they are associated with. They scrutinize any possible fraud, waste, mismanagement and misappropriation of the fund of their respective organizations.

Educational requirement

Accountant career generally requires bachelor degree in accounting. However, candidates with master degree in accounting or MBA with concentration in accounting are in great demand.

Pay package

Accountant pay, in USA, usually ranges between $5,924 and $7,405 per month.


  • Viola Tan

    Hi all, wonder if anyone could enlighten me on the path to choose in accountancy field.

    I am a student pursuing my accounting degree and is going to be graduating in a years time. However, there are certain things in which I am uncertain about.

    Auditing with the big four seems to be the most usual route for a fresh graduate. I understand that auditing experience do help greatly for an accounting student but is there other alternatives routes in which a fresh graduate can take to ensure the same prospective future within the accounting industry?

    Furthermore, what is needed for a fresh grads with a bachelor degree to obtain a CPA.

    Much thanks and look forward to your reply 🙂