Career Opportunities as a Catering Manager

Catering-Manager Bagging a job of catering manager would be nothing short of winning a wonderful career prospect. Career opportunities as a catering manager always keep increasing. This important genre of food and beverage sector has great appeal for young aspirants who dream of making career in hospitality industry. Countries like USA, UK and Canada offer elaborate infrastructure for getting trained as catering manager. Formal training and education at any of the food and beverage schools in these countries mean lucrative career as a catering manager.

Job description of a catering manager

Prime responsibilities of a catering manager include supervising all the elements of catering services which are made available in hotels, restaurants, private clubs, resorts, bars and cruise-liners. There is little difference between job responsibilities of a catering manager and a beverage services manager. Catering managers excel in skills related with food and beverage. Their job requires in-depth knowledge of all the aspects of food and beverage.

Specific job responsibilities

Job responsibilities of a catering manager are diverse. Some specific responsibilities include organizing, planning and developing food as well as beverage services required by businesses and organizations. The services of a catering manager are also availed by event organizers, higher education institutions, schools and hospitals.

Catering management professionals who work on senior positions perform tasks supervising quality and standards, planning budgets, monitoring event booking, recruiting and hiring staff, forwarding new initiatives, promoting business, handling client issues and observing latest industry trends.

Experience required

Like ongoing trend in every industry, experience is an asset for catering management industry, as well. Excellent supervisory and management skills along with significant job experience may earn the candidates desired position in the industry. Proper communication and customer care skills may prove to be added advantage for candidates.

Educational qualification required

A diploma in hospitality management or food and beverage management can do the trick in favor of an aspiring candidate. However, a degree is supposed to be ideal qualification. Candidates having degrees or diplomas in marketing management, accounting, safe food handling and alcohol service management are also eligible to explore job prospects in the industry.