Career in Nursing

If you are looking forward to serve people with your heart and soul, then nursing  should be the right path for you to fulfill your desire. A career in nursing calls for great determination and patience and it is very challenging, but if you can work with steady commitment this career can be very fulfilling and rewarding as it is a very noble profession. It is a well known fact that nurses and nursing assistants hold a very important place in the healthcare industry.

Nature of Job:

Nurses work closely with the medical team of doctors in hospitals. They are needed in the operation theatre to assist the doctors, as well as in the wards to take care of patients.

The typical job of nurses include looking after the patients, keeping a careful watch on their health and recovery progress, give medications prescribed by doctors, assist in performing various medical tests in clinics and hospitals, see that the patients are served food according to the treatment plan, and also assist the patients in poor health to carry on their daily activities like bathing, eating, dressing, etc.

hey regularly monitor the condition of patients and report immediately to the doctors if they notice any unusual changes in the patients’ health. In addition there is a head nurse who supervises the work of all the other nurses in the team and prepares daily schedules and gives duties to other nurses on a day to day basis.

Essential Qualities:

Nursing can be a very trying job with long hours of work and many tough situations. Therefore, a nurse should have good energy, positive attitude and should be composed and calm enough to hear the problems of patients and solve their queries. Other important qualities include excellent communication skills, a kind disposition and a good presence of mind.

Educational Requirements:

For becoming a nurse, any three of the following courses can be chosen. A two year Associate’s Degree in nursing, or a BSc. Degree in Nursing, or a Diploma in Nursing from any accredited and recognized institute.

Career Opportunities:

Nurses can find a wide range of job opportunities in hospitals, clinics, municipalities, governmental organizations, private chambers of doctors, in institutions like schools, old age homes, rehabilitation centers and also work for families during times of accidents, pregnancy and other health issues.