Career In Medical Administration

Career In Medical Administration As much as any other industry, medical and healthcare industry also requires an administrative department to manage all the bills, supervising the departments, and maintain the records of the patients. Administrative medical careers are really in boom with the increased health care centers and the use of computer and technology to maintain the details of every patient.

What is the Role of Medical Administrator?

Medical administrators emerge from various backgrounds such as retired nurses, business executives, or even doctors. This is because; it is an extra qualification for the administrative medical assistant to have an exposure to the patient directly. As a medical administrator, you will not only deal with medical charts, bills and insurance companies, but you will also have to deal with the patients with patience! Hence your attitude towards patients, who are only treated as clients, becomes very important.

Responsibilities of Medical Administrator

Responsibilities vary according to the position of the job. Some of them involve in coordinating and decision-making regarding the major problems of the patient, which could even be transplantation at times; maintaining the records of the patients and help in coordinating for the insurance of the patient with the insurance companies, supervising workers, controlling finance, adapting to latest technologies, improving the patient-care, and much more! It also involves implementing and developing policies of the organization, facilitating various procedures, communicating between the board of directors and the existing medical staff, budget planning, establishing service rates, authorizing expenses, etc.

Job Prospective

Normally, administrative medical careers will be in hospitals as administrative assistants. The number of hours one will have to work would be like any other employees and would be up to 40 hours a week. You can also opt to work as a full time employee or with a private practitioner. If you happen to get into a huge organization, then you have higher possibilities of growing in your career based on your dedication, hard work, and by furthering your education. You can even become the director of nursing or healthcare.

Pay and Benefits

The pay is based on various criteria such as the organization you enter, location of the job, the job position, your qualification, and your experience in this field. Of course, there are various health benefits and compensation offered by many healthcare centers.

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However, the annual pay is not restricted and could vary anywhere between $29,000 and $120,000, according to the US Labor Department statistics. The pay is quite high along with various benefits once you become the director and might go up to $118,000!

Various Designations in Administrative Medical Career

Healthcare administrator, transplant coordinator, medical insurance specialist, account executive sales leader, medical record manager, director of nursing, clinical data specialist, IS administrator, branch manager administrator, test center administrator, coding data specialist, director or security healthcare, etc., are some of the job posts in the administrative medical career.


Along with various skills, the administrative medical career involves a huge amount of patience and care for the patients, as the hospitals are becoming more of hospitality industry in treating their clients.

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