Career in Legal Profession

legal-profession A career in legal profession is best suited for people with certain specific qualities such as high sense of justice, fearlessness, high mental alertness and non-biased approach to problems and people. Personality attributes such as good counselling skills, good communication and presentation skills, good reading and listening skills, good analytical and negotiating skills and good debating skills also contribute towards the reputation of a legal professional.

People aspiring for a legal profession can start a career as a lawyer or an advocate after the successful completion of a relevant course in legal studies. There are several law schools in the world which offer courses such as Bachelor of Laws, Doctor of Laws, Bar Vocational Courses, and Legal Practice Courses. Normally formal educational requirements for legal professionals include a graduation, 3 years in a law school, and the passing of a written bar examination.

Major career choices available for legal professionals are as advocates, lawyers, solicitors, barristers, attorneys and when career progresses, as justices and chief justices. The major function of a legal professional as an advocate or lawyer is to represent his client in the court of law to buy justice for his client. It is also his responsibility to provide legal counsel for his clients. Major function of a justice is to listen carefully the arguments presented by two opposing parties in the court of law so as to reach a final verdict based on the evidences and proofs presented in front of him.

There are different types of legal professionals such as private lawyers, who represent their private clients; trial lawyers, who conduct trials of criminals and witnesses in the court rooms; corporate lawyers, who work for corporate firms; patent lawyers, who are specialized in matters of patents; intellectual property lawyers, who are specialized in the matters of intellectual properties; insurance lawyers, who specialize in matters of insurance transactions; and environmental lawyers, who work on environmental issues.

Legal professionals have great scope in government organizations as public prosecutors and defenders who work on behalf of the government. They are responsible for drafting laws and amending various government legislations.