Career In Landscape Designing

Career In Landscape Designing Landscape designing is the art which blends elements of architecture as well as garden design. The essence is to plan the landscape of a property and the selection of plants within it.

A beautiful landscape makes a lasting impression and keeps the environs cool and cheerful. Let us look at what career opportunities are offered in this field.

The rise in construction activity has led to a demand for professional experienced in landscape designing. Also with increasing focus on environment conservation and building green homes and offices, the services of a landscape designer are likely to be employed to give a distinct edge and add value to the property.

The landscape designer has the scope to showcase his creativity not only in spaces marked for gardens, but also in driveways, terraces, walking tracks and lobbies. They have to plan the layout based on various factors such as climatic conditions, availability of light, soil quality, slope of the land and existing vegetation. Ease of maintainability and long term sustenance should be considered while selecting the design.

After initial ground work they will come up with a preliminary design. Based on inputs from the customer, this will be refined and finally approved. In case of large sites, landscape designers may need to use software applications such as AutoCAD for modeling. The biggest challenge for a landscape designer to convert his plan to reality since a lot of natural factors such as soil, climate and rains can have a critical impact on the final result.

Depending on the type of property, the landscape design will differ. These professionals are employed for different types of properties such as college campuses, hospitals, residential and commercial complexes, public gardens, golf courses and hotels.

Government agencies often utilize their services for urban planning, landscaping of buildings, airports, roads and highways. There are also conservation projects which will need expertise to restore the original landscape of the historic era. Land reclamation is another area when their expert advice is sought.

For those who love the outdoors and genuinely enjoy gardening landscape designing is an option worth considering. You need to be creative and have a sense of aesthetics to come up with a design which is both visually appealing and functional. You will have to learn the basics of horticulture and keep yourself updated with new trends in gardening.

The best learning for this job is through experience. Though there are certificate courses available for landscape designing, apprenticeship with reputed names in this field will be important for getting a good break. For those who have completed their bachelors in architecture, there are specialization courses available for landscape architecture. You should be prepared to spend long hours outdoors because you will have to work with your hands. A fair amount of travel may also be required.

Landscape designers are sought after abroad and slowly the same phenomenon is happening in India also. Once you have created a niche for yourself as a landscape designer, the growth potential is immense both as a salaried employee and as an independent consultant.