Career In Fashion Photography

As the world of fashion is growing rapidly, so is the need for fashion photographers.

Fashion photography promises a world of glamour, posh lifestyle, huge pay-checks and international visits.

However, this is true only for those who reach the cover page of top fashion magazines. For others there are options of art photography and celebrity portraiture which offer a decent income. Though entering the industry is a difficult ask, here are some tips for beginners to make their presence.

Set a Portfolio
Beginners should set up a portfolio to get their work seen and build a positive reputation for their work and talent. In order to showcase their portfolio they can use approach to get in touch with magazine editors or launch a website displaying their work. Online promotion is a relatively cheaper option.

Using computer for editing and retouching purposes cuts down the expenditure considerably. It is advisable to have at least 20 or so images in your portfolio and design multiple portfolios in case someone needs to keep it for few days. The chosen photographs should be linked thematically, if not creating a story, the at least making some sense and reflecting the photographer’s persona.

Choose a Picture Editor
The next step is to pick a photo editor. Editors are responsible for getting future projects, hence be consistent in sending your work to the editors and grab their attention by showcasing previously published work.

The photographs which you send to the editor must communicate an emotion or idea or reveal some aspect consistent with the subject’s character. Your work should speak for itself and explain the sentiments if wishes to express.

Look for a Photo agent
Photo agencies liaison with clients and promote photographer’s work in return for a fee. It is inevitable for new photographers with no-industry contacts and even for seasoned professions to grab lucrative deals. These agencies act as mini-publicist for your work and even re-sell the work in different markets.

Exhibiting your Work
Another way to showcase your work includes conducting exhibitions in art galleries. These galleries can be a source of critical attention and strong sales. However before contracting with a galley, go through theirs submission policies. You can even associate with a gallery on a permanent basis. However it restricts the chances of exhibiting your work to a larger audience.

Fashion photography is the right career option for you if you are creatively inclined and have developed a taste in arts and entertainment.