Career in Fashion Communication

Fashion communication has emerged as a lucrative and interesting career option in the past few years and its popularity seems to grow with time.

The fashion and lifestyle industry is ever expanding and opening new vistas for young people who want to carve a niche in this glamorous world.

As a result many new job areas are opening in the field of fashion which are attracting the youth worldwide and fashion communication is one such innovative career path which is sought after by many of today’s youth.

Nature of Job: The fashion world is changing rapidly everyday and new things are being amalgamated in this industry. The fashion world is flooded with various famous brands which are very popular amongst people throughout the globe.

A fashion communicator’s job is to bring to attention the particular brand that is being promoted and establish the brand as reliable and famous brand in the market. For this a fashion communicator has to work on various other things that go on to create a goodwill and name for the brand in the fashion world.

To create a favorable attitude towards the brand, a fashion communicator has to plan out a number of things. What kind of advertisement would create the maximum impact on the customer’s mind, which method of styling of the costumes would appeal to the mass, etc. is an essential part of the thought process of a fashion communicator. Further sharp skills in public relations and other creative factors like graphic designing also come under their wok profile.

Employment Avenues: The job opportunity in this field is very bright and it is estimated to increase in the coming years. Fashion communication itself opens many new doors and jobs are not only limited to the fashion industry.

A fashion communicator can work in the area of fashion journalism for any newspaper or magazine. The main job would be to gather news related to fashion shows and latest trends in fashion. Other areas where one can find work include public relations field in corporate and fashion houses.

A fashion communicator can also find job in advertising agencies. Finally those who want to choose a different path can take up teaching in an institute.


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