Career In Agricultural

Today one has great prospects in a career in agriculture science.  There are more than 200 challenging and rewarding careers in the field of agriculture. Some broad categories under which Agricultural career has been divided are: Agricultural and Natural Resources Communication, Agri-business Management, Parks recreation and Tourism Resources, Forestry, Building Construction Management, horticulture, floriculture, Food Science, poultry farming, Packaging Fisheries and Wildlife.

According to job market experts, the demand for various agricultural graduates will sore high in the agricultural job market for next few years. Especially, the demand for food scientists, plant geneticists, landscape horticulturists, engineers and outdoor recreation specialists will be very high. Science and technology has contributed a lot to improve the productivity and with new advances in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, agricultural sector has thrown up great opportunities in this field; and demand for professionally qualified people is increasing all over the world.

This diversified field has unlimited career options. Agro industry has great demand for scientists who can carry out research and development.


Candidates need to pass their high school exam with science. Those who want to pursue a career in agricultural science must have a strong foundation in physics, chemistry, mathematics as well as botany. Various universities, in Australia, Canada, USA and India offers post graduate, diploma and doctorate courses in agricultural science. Some universities also offer undergraduate courses.

Some universities perform entrance tests for admission to B.Sc. Agricultural Science. The total duration of course is 4 years. After completing bachelor’s degree, you can get jobs in product development or applied research in agriculture. But if you want to become agricultural scientist and technologist, you need to pursue a master’s degree. Similarly, for becoming a researcher, a PhD in the same field is necessary.


Specialization in agricultural science is offered in various branches like plant physiology, agronomy, seed technology, soil conservation, soil science, nematology, animal husbandry and dairy, water conservation, horticulture, farming system management, agricultural biotechnology, agricultural chemistry, agricultural botany, agricultural economics and agricultural marketing management.

M.Sc. or degree in related subject is required to perform PhD. Most agricultural universities offer PhD degree in above mentioned disciplines. Some universities also offers PG diploma in agriculture. Eligibility for PG diploma in agricultural science is B.Sc.

Job Prospect

As an agricultural scientist, you can get jobs in agro industries, dairy and food processing industries, seed producing companies, agricultural banks and finance corporations, research institutes in the field of agriculture, and agricultural universities.

Preeti Mehta