Career In Aerospace Engineering

The course aerospace engineering is related to aircraft and space vehicles.  Doing a degree course in aerospace engineering opens a wide scope of job opportunities to the aspiring candidates.  This job deals with designing and maintaining the aircraft, spacecraft and missiles. 

Aerospace engineering can be classified into aeronautical engineering and astronautics. The aeronautical engineering specializes with aircraft that stay within the earth’s atmosphere, like passenger planes, jet, helicopter etc.  Whereas the astronautics deals with designing, developing, testing and maintaining the space crafts like rockets, space shuttles, missiles etc that operates outside the earth’s atmosphere.  The astronautics branch of aerospace engineering is also known as rocket science.

The developing and manufacturing of the flight vehicles are indeed very complex process and many factors like design, technologies, cost and ability are taken into consideration. The job of an aerospace engineer involves designing, manufacturing, testing and maintaining the aircrafts, spacecrafts and missiles.  The course in aerospace engineering trains its aspiring candidates to develop and design these aircrafts and spacecrafts for civil aviation, defense purpose and space exploration.

Flight vehicles undergo severe conditions like difference in atmospheric pressure and temperature.  Aerospace engineers specialize in the various technologies and engineering disciplines like avionics, propulsion, aerodynamics, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, structural analysis, celestial mechanics, material science and manufacturing in their course of study. There are different engineers specializing in their own branches of studies, in this field.

The candidates who wish to do this course in graduation level should have completed their high school degree.  They should have studied physics, chemistry and mathematics in the high school, at an advanced level.  Several universities and colleges offer aerospace engineering course in graduation, post graduation and doctorate level.

Immediately after completing their degree lucrative job offers awaits the candidates and they are absorbed in various aircraft industries and space research organizations.  They have wide scope of opportunities to work in public and private sectors, government agencies and commercial airlines all over the world.

As existing airline industries are increasing the number of flights and many new private airline industries are coming up there is a great employment opportunities for the aeronautic engineers. Similarly scientists are doing more and more research work in space technologies the field of astronautics is inviting a large number of astronautic engineers.  A qualified astronautic engineer even gets an opportunity to visit space.

Those pursuing this course in the post graduation level or undertaking to do doctorate have better opportunities.  They are absorbed in research and development companies, consulting firm and various government and private organizations with a higher pay scale.  In addition to that they receive various non-monetary benefits.

Wiselin Stephen