Career Counselling As A Career

After completing one’s academics one has to make a very big decision which is choosing the right career. One may have interest and feel that he or she is keen to follow a certain career yet one’s aptitude may not permit the same.

Therefore one needs to make a very practical or rather scientific approach while selecting a career path so that one can definitely excel later rather than facing failure, frustration and ultimately a change a in career. Hence one must go for career counselling and guidance unless he or she is absolutely sure about the career to be chosen.

Through academics one gets an idea as to which career path will suit but in case of multiple choices it’s difficult to decide and settle upon the right career. Here comes the importance of guidance in an appropriate and scientific manner. Career counselling involves a process of talking, listening and testing in order to find out the individual’s aptitude, interests, personality trend and abilities to choose a certain career path.

As career counselling is done by professionals it gives almost a certainty regarding the success in the career advised.Career counsellors are required not only for the young students and fresher but also for professionals in their mid-career. A career counsellor can have opportunities in educational institutes or they can even practice independently.

Career counsellors have a very important role to play and they can get employment in industries and employment consultancies as well as employment counsellors.To qualify as a career counsellor one needs to obtain a degree in psychology and then do a specialization course in career counselling. The eligibility and qualifications to become a career counsellor may differ from place to place. A post graduate doctorate after a degree in psychology may help as research helps in career counselling.

As a career counsellor one not only has to play the role of a psychologist and counsellor but also a good analyst. The whole process is an extensive as well as an intensive one as it involves building rapport with the individual being counselled, knowing the strengths and weaknesses, making various tests on personality, interests and aptitudes and analysing and correlating the test results to make a concrete career plan.A career in career counselling is a challenging as well as an exciting one and has great scope in today’s world.