Career Choices in Broadcast Journalism

Broadcast-Journalism Broadcast Journalism is a branch of journalism with the major objective of training students for journalism careers in broadcasting such as television broadcasting careers and radio broadcasting careers. A good degree in Broadcast Journalism prepares students for a professional broadcast journalism career by helping them develop skills such as good communication skills, presentation skills, critical thinking skills, analytical skills, time management skills, stress management skills, interviewing skills, information gathering skills, social skills, reporting skills and research skills.

Potential job titles for professional broadcast journalists include News Reporter, News Director, Creative Head, Project Head, Narrator ,Programme Director, Research Director, Television Program Manager, Radio Program Manger, TV Station Manager, Radio Station Manager, Public Relations Officer, TV Producer, Documentary Film Producer, News Anchor Professional, News Production Manager, News Production Assistant, Radio Announcer, TV Announcer, Audio Engineer, Newscaster, Weather Reporter, Sports Reporter, Investigative Broadcast Journalist and News Correspondent. In addition to working for television and radio channels, they can work for media publishing houses, advertising companies, public relations agencies and academic institutions.

Career aspirants must have a four year college degree in journalism or mass communication along with an internship in broadcast journalism or a degree in broadcast journalism in order to start a career as a broadcast journalist. There are numerous educational institutions all over the world that offer degree and diploma programmes in Broadcast Journalism.

Job responsibilities of broadcast journalists vary depending on the nature of their job. News anchors or News readers are responsible for reading, presenting and interpreting important news, and conducting studio interviews of famous people. Weather reporters present climatic data while sports reporters work as sports commentators. Investigative broadcast journalists are involved in finding facts related to the events of public interest while business journalists provide business analysis, stock market analysis etc. Project heads and creative heads are responsible for the planning and execution of projects such as television serials and documentaries.