Career as Paralegal Professional

Paralegal Paralegal profession has in store wide career options for young enthusiasts. US Labor Bureau expects sharp growth in paralegal profession in the years to come. Experts believe businessmen and individuals have grown more conscious about safeguarding their intellectual properties.  Needs of protecting environmental law, criminal law and international law are also getting much concern. These factors combine to make paralegal profession a bright career option.

Job opportunities

Most of the trained paralegal professionals are employed by privately run law firms. According to estimation, about 70 percent paralegal professionals are associated with these law firms in USA. Other important job avenues for paralegal professionals are corporate legal departments which practice cost-cutting strategy by hiring more and more paralegals. These professionals deal in matters which involve medical malpractice, product accountability, real estate and bankruptcy.

Required training programs

High professional expertise marks the job of paralegals but the required training programs for becoming a paralegal is comparatively short. Preferred degree programs for exploring paralegal profession include Bachelor degree, Certificate degree and Associate degree in paralegal studies.

Either of these three degrees can be obtained from a junior college or from any specific academy. After obtaining the required degree, students require to pursue job-oriented training. General subjects which cover paralegal training may include ethics, torts and contracts, finance, civil litigation, criminal law, marketing, legal research, dispute resolution, legal terminology, computer applications and legal administration.

Internship programs

Internship programs are supposed to be an added qualification for exploring career as paralegal professional. Under internship programs, students are offered opportunities to gather first-hand experience from corporate legal departments, law firms and government organizations. There are law schools in USA that offer the students relevant job placement facilities, as well.


Career in paralegal profession promises the professionals high remuneration. Average annual salary for a paralegal professional in USA comes around 54,600 dollars. The salary graph goes up in accordance with the experience gained. Much depends on the size of company a paralegal professional is associated with.