Career As A Sociologist

Sociologists work by studying human relationships tracking the way people behave with each other and also studying the various socio economic changes and the developments that a society goes through from time to time.

Apart from that they also do research and studies on demography which include study of population based on statistics and information gathered on age, race, and place of residence. They also study institutions such as law and religion.

Nature of Job: Sociologists closely study the behavioral patterns of people in the groups they form. The various groups include families, tribes, communities, government along with political, business and social and economic institutions.

They generally study the history of these groups, tracking their origin, and also the factors of group activities that influence the individual’s behavior.

The area of society is vast, therefore sociologists specialize in particular fields like education, family, race, revolution, war and peace, urban, rural, comparative psychology, gender relations, gerontology and clinical sociology,  to name a few.

The research and studies are undertaken through collecting various data and statistics, surveys, interviews, and case studies. The next step requires analyzing and interpretation of the information gathered. Further sociologists can also take up studies in topics of diverse range like housing conditions, drinking patters, recreational patters, and effects of leadership on individual behavior.

Educational Requirements:
A doctoral degree in sociology is needed to become a sociologist. However, a graduate in sociology can get employment as research assistants, counselors. An additional Masters degree can fetch a job as lecturer or researcher in colleges and universities.

Required Skills: A sociologist needs to be patient and deal with different kinds of people from a wide range of cultures, being a good listener also helps as they have to take in depth interviews, ability to take up an independent study and research is essential, along with ability to write and think clearly. Being objective, analytical and ability to reach at valid clear conclusions is necessary.

Employment avenues:
Sociologists get employed in universities where they can teach and do further research, private social agencies, and also do various works related to their field like in family counseling, public relations, community planning, public opinion analysis, large firms, municipalities, and government departments.