Career as a Rehabilitation Therapist

Rehabilitation-Therapist Rehabilitation therapy is a field of complimentary medicine that helps people with various physical and mental problems to recover effectively through various forms of physical exercises and mental health improvement programmes. Rehabilitation therapy is usually advised for people who are suffering from various accidents, diseases such as arthritis, joint pain etc and for those who are recovering from surgeries, strokes, paralysis and various psychiatric disorders.

Qualified professionals who practice rehabilitation therapy as a profession are called rehabilitation therapists. A Bachelor of Rehabilitation Therapy (BRT) is the minimum eligibility for a career aspirant to enter this field of profession. BRT is a 3 to 4 years graduate level programme which includes a six month period of internship also. Candidates who are aspiring for academic positions in rehabilitation therapy must pursue a master level course in rehabilitation therapy. Master Degree in Rehabilitation Therapy (MRT) is a one to two years post graduate level qualification and BRT is the minimum eligibility criterion to get admitted into a MRT programme.

After the successful completion of a bachelor or master programme in rehabilitation therapy, candidates can join a rehabilitation centre as a professional rehabilitation therapist. Positions as rehabilitation therapists are available in hospitals, clinics, health centres, psychiatric institutions and other such organizations too.

Major career responsibilities of a rehabilitation therapist includes diagnosis of patient’s problems, development of a treatment plan based on the diagnosis, help patients to develop maximum independence and mental health through various physical and mental training programmes, advise patients and their relatives about the proper medical care plan, constant monitoring and review of the patient’s progress etc.

Short term diploma and certificate level courses in rehabilitation therapy are also offered in some institutions. Candidates with such qualifications can easily find a job as a ‘Rehabilitation Therapist Assistant’ in hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centres. This position requires the candidate to work as an assistant to a professional rehabilitation therapist.