Career as a Professional Photographer

professional-photographer Photography is such a profession that  requires inherent skills and creativity rather than a formal qualification for success. There are various areas of photography such as press photography, feature photography, commercial photography, editorial photography, still or portrait photography, advertising photography, fashion photography, fine arts photography, nature and wildlife photography, digital photography, travel photography, forensic photography and event photography. Photographers can specialize in any of these areas based on their interest and skills.

There are no dearth of jobs in this profession as professional photographers can easily find suitable jobs with  print media such news papers and magazines, with fashion houses and fashion journals, advertising and public relation agencies, government agencies, and other commercial establishments.

Press photographers/photojournalists: They are the professional photographers work for the press. Candidates with minimum a graduation and a relevant qualification and experience in press photography are preferred for these positions.

Feature photographers: Their major responsibility is to cover an entire theme or subject for production of various features

Editorial photographers: They work for magazines and periodicals

Commercial photographers: They are normally employed with commercial firms and work as per the firm’s demands.

Portrait photographers: They specialize in still photography.

Advertising photographers: They are usually employed with advertising agencies and photographic studios and are paid well for their job.

Fashion photographers: They are employed with fashion houses and their work involves dealing with sophisticated photographic instruments. It is a highly remunerative job.

Fine arts photographers: They are highly creative and their high skill photography produces fine artworks from beautiful photographs

Digital photographers: They are largely employed by media houses

Nature and Wildlife Photographers: They are employed with travel and geographic magazines for taking photographs of nature and wildlife.

Forensic Photographers: They are employed police departments and interrogative agencies and their job involves taking photographs of the crime scenes.

Event photographers: They work for event organizers and their work involves taking photographs of events like weddings, birthday parties etc.

Travel photographers: They are employed with travel and tourism firms

Freelance photography is also a very good option for self motivated professional photographers.