Career as a Professional Chiropractor

Professional-Chiropractor Chiropractic is a health care profession dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of spinal injuries and other neurological disorders; muscular disorders and skeletal disorders. This is a form of alternative and supplementary medical treatment based on the principle that healthy nervous system is essential for a healthy body and mind. Chiropractic therapy is drugless, non-surgical treatment which includes non-invasive therapy forms such as heat therapy, hydrotherapy, body massage, acupuncture and so on.

A person professionally qualified in chiropractic practices is called a chiropractor. The major career objective of a chiropractor is the overall health and well being of their patients by emphasizing on health and wellness counseling such as proper diet and nutritional supplements; stress management techniques; physical exercises; mind stimulating exercises; sound sleep; need of maintaining good relationships etc.

Chiropractors are mainly employed by hospitals, clinics and health centres, private nursing homes, old age homes, health care organizations and chiropractic colleges. The major career profiles available are as chiropractic consultants; chiropractic nurses; chiropractic assistants and chiropractic technicians.

Career aspirants are required to have at least a four-year Bachelor college program in Chiropractic Education from reputed Chiropractic Education Institutes. Candidates can go for various specializations such as diet and nutrition; spinal injuries and neurological disorders, sports injuries, skeletal disorders, muscular disorders and occupational health, depending on their interest in these subjects. After the successful completion of the course, candidates are supposed to obtain a professional license from accredited authorities before starting a career as a chiropractor.

Major responsibilities of a chiropractor includes correct diagnosis of the patients problems by conducting various tests; formulating a customized treatment plan based on the results of the tests; advising patients and their family members about various chiropractic therapy forms; keeping the medical history of the patients for further references and assisting other medical professionals with chiropractic practices.