Career as a Knitwear Designer

knitwear-design Knitwear Designing is a major branch of Textiles Designing and deals with the designing aspects of the knitwear and knitted textiles. Career potential in Knitwear Designing sector is plenty and qualified candidates having at least a Graduate Diploma Fashion Knitwear Design can easily find a job as a Knitwear Designer in reputed textiles firms and knitted textile manufacturing companies. Career as a Knitwear Designer is best suited for the candidates who are having high levels of creativity, imagination and who have an artistic inclination of mind.

Other major career opportunities available in the field of Knitwear Designing and Knitted Textiles are as Knitwear Designer, Senior Knitwear Designer, Sweater Knitwear Instructor, Sweater Designer and Knitted Textile Designer. Qualified Knitwear Designers are also employed by universities, colleges and various other academic institutions such as Fashion Schools and Fashion Institutes to fill various positions of Professor, Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in the departments of Fashion Knitwear Design and Knitted Textiles.

There are actually very few academic institutions that offer courses in Knitwear Design and Knitted Textile Design.  Most reputed name is that of the Nottingham Trent University, a renowned university located in the United Kingdom.

Knitwear Design Courses offered by the Nottingham Trent University include courses such as Graduate Diploma Fashion Knitwear Design, Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Knitwear Design and Knitted Textiles and Master of Arts in Fashion Knitwear Design. Graduate Diploma Fashion Knitwear Design is a one-year long diploma level academic programme in Fashion Knitwear Design. Bachelor programme takes about three to four years for completion while Master programme can be completed within one to two years. All these courses are conducted at the School of Art and Design of the Nottingham Trent University.

A typical academic programme in knitwear design has a well structured course curriculum which includes subjects such as latest knitting technologies, designing principles of knitting textiles, knitting textile manufacturing skills, designing softwares, marketing and business skills etc.