Career as a Homoeopathy Doctor

homoeopathyHomeopathy today has been widely recognized as a popular alternative healthcare field, because of its emphasis on strengthening the natural immune system of the patients; holistic welfare, cost effective medication; ease of administration and absence of side effects. Homoeopathy is a branch of medical science which operates on the principle “like cures like”.

It has been established that homoeopathic medicines are best recommended for curing chronic diseases such as asthma, certain skin diseases, chronic gastritis, sinusitis and migraine and these diseases can be treated effectively by homeopathy’s natural treatment methods without any side effects. So the demand for homeopathic doctors is on the rise worldwide.

You need to have at least a diploma in Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery (DHMS) or a bachelor’s degree (BHMS-Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery) to practice as a homeopathic practitioner. DHMS and BHMS courses are offered at various national and international level homeopathic universities and colleges and generally it is a four year duration course. For degree courses one year internship is also included.

On successful completion of these courses, candidates can either practice as a certified homeopathic doctor in homeopathic hospitals, medical colleges, private clinics, district health centres, and government dispensaries or opt for a career in academic institutions and clinical research organizations as faculties in homeopathic disciplines and research scientists.

Homeopathy graduates are in demand in cosmetic industries where their work is closely associated with fields such as massage therapy, aroma therapy, naturopathy, acupuncture, reiki and pranic healing. Pharmaceutical industry also recruits homeopathy graduates where their major job profile includes development of homoeopathic medicines, clinical research, or technical consultancy services on the production of homoeopathic medicines and other related services.

Homeopathic doctors have great scope in Non-Government Organizations too where they can work as homeopathic medical officers, clinical researchers; rural health officers; administrators and managers.


  • avijit majumdar

    is there any scope of job in foreign after b.h.m.s?

  • Dr V L Harave

    I finished my BCHMS from Calcutta and would like to M D course from UK, will u please suggest the suitable university and fee details?

  • Aasma Shaheen

    asalam-o-alakum, i have done resantly DHMS, now i want to do information about more study in homoeopathy. any body tell me what did i do?

  • rakesh kumar

    I am bhms student of final year and I want to know about job after bhms.

  • Amit kumar

    I finshed bhms recently i want to about md university and fee of course.

  • rakesh kumar

    I am bhms student I want to know about md course , university ,and fee in details.

  • H/Dr khalid shaheen

    wa AlykomosSalam,
    Guide me plz for addmission in BCHMS.

  • H/Dr khakid shaheen

    Wa AlykomosSallam,
    How i cen get addmiossion in BHMS/BCHMS.
    I have done DHMS also and student of Clinical Bio Chemistry short course (UAF)Pakistan.