Career as a Gemmologist

Career-as-a-Gemmologist Gemmology is a scientific and technical study of various properties and characteristics of different types of gemstones as well as the art of making aesthetically crafted jewellery in diamonds, pearls and other precious stones.

A person professionally qualified in gemmology is known as a gemmologist. A gemmologist is a highly trained person in various fields related to the identification, assessment testing, casting, moulding, sorting and grading, compatibility of gemstones in different metals, types of settings etc.

Gemmology is a highly specialized field of jewellery designing and various specializations within this subject include specialized studies and training in gem manufacturing, gem cutting, cutting and polishing of diamonds; cutting and polishing of colored stones, diamond grading, grading of gems, gem stone retailing, gem identification, gem testing, art lapidary and gem appraisal. Gemmology Institutes, Diamond Institutes, Fashion Institutes, Gemstones Artisans Training Schools; Polytechnics are some of the educational institutions where these courses are offered.

Various courses available in Gemmology are Diploma in Diamond Grading and Assorting, Diploma in Pearls and Diamonds Design, Diploma in Gem Carving etc. Course curriculum includes various aspects such as Metal Concepts; Design Methodology, Drawing Techniques, Characteristics of Machine Cast Jewellery, and Various Metallurgical Processes in Gem Manufacturing.

Various careers available in this field are as Consultant Gemmologists; Gem Appraisers, Gem Exporters, Gem Polishers or Gem Stone Lapidary, Gem Engravers, Gem Store Owners, Gem Stone Setter, Gem Traders and so on.

Consultant Gemmologists: are professionally experienced gemmologists involved in technical consultancy work with large diamond houses.

Gem Appraiser/Diamond Appraiser
: Since diamond is the most popularly used gemstone, professionally skilled Diamond Appraisers are in great demand in diamond jewellery shops, diamond manufactuting units etc.

Gem Stone Lapidary: Major responsibility of this position includes cutting, polishing and carving gemstones

Gem Exporters are involved in the exports of gemstones while Gem Stone Traders run their own trading business such as diamond trading, pearl trading and trading of other precious stones through their shops and various other marketing channels.