Career as a Fresco Artist

fresco-paintings Fresco is “The Mother of All Arts” and it is nothing but the art and practice of classic painting technique. It is the most refined painting technique in visual arts where painting is created on wet plaster with water colors. A wall painting or a mural or any artistic production created in this way is referred as a fresco. Frescoes are durable art productions because only organic and natural pigments are used for creating frescoes and thus its long life is ensured. Well painted frescoes last for thousands of years.

Career opportunities majorly exist in Art houses, Museums, Archeological organizations and other such organizations and major career options available are as Fresco Artists; Fresco Restorers; Fresco Appraisers and Fresco Painters. A graduation or post graduation in visual arts or art history is the minimum eligibility required to apply for these positions.

Fresco Artists and Fresco Painters: are the creators of the original frescoes. A well planned design is essential to start a fresco work because a fresco painting does not allow any experimentation with the painting as it is difficult to change the drawing once the plaster is dried. Fresco Artists and Fresco Painters are employed by large art houses and museums.

Fresco Restorers: Career as a fresco restorer is quite exciting and satisfying for those with an artistic bent of mind. Their major responsibility is to restore and repair the damaged frescoes of old monuments. This task is accomplished by removing and retouching the damaged sections of the frescoes and then these sections are cleansed and plastered. Thus original fresco is restored carefully. Fresco Restorers are employed by archeological organizations to restore damaged monuments and sculptures.

Fresco Appraisers: the major responsibility of a fresco appraiser is to assess and analyze the quality and value of frescoes at the large auction houses and other such organizations.


  • I am completing a 2 years course on fresco work at the french high school “ENSAAMA-Olivier de Serres”.
    I am looking for deeper studies outside France, preferably in USA.
    Could you advise me ?


    Joachim Poutaraud

  • kulpreeth

    i aspire to become a fresco artist and restorer , but i dont know where to look for institutes which offer courses which will make me a fresco restorer … ill be really grateful if you can tell me some institutes which offer courses which will make me eligible for pursuing fresco as a profession … thank you

  • aashima prabhakar

    i want to build up my career as a fresco artist in india but i don’t know which institute offers this course. I’ve searched a lot on this on internet but found no right clue….. please help me… really wanna do this..