Career as a Forensic Scientist

Forensic-Scientist Forensic science is a scientific discipline which deals with the investigation of crimes and civil issues by applying scientific principles such as fingerprinting, DNA mapping, organic and inorganic analysis and similar other scientific applications. Persons professionally qualified in Forensic Science are called Forensic Scientists.

Career as a Forensic Scientist is a challenging career option and it is best suited for candidates who love adventure and investigation-oriented career profiles. Minimum qualification required to enter this field is M.Sc in Forensic Science or Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science. Career opportunities exist in government investigative agencies such as police departments and crime intelligence agencies, government laboratories, private investigation and detective agencies, legal firms and law enforcement agencies.

There are numerous educational institutions that offer courses in Forensic Science for career aspirants. Various specializations offered in the field of Forensic Science include Forensic Medicine, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Dentistry, Forensic Chemistry and Dactyloscopy.

Forensic Medicine focuses on the medical aspects of the forensic science such as post mortems of the dead bodies in order to investigate the causes of death. Forensic Psychology is concerned with the psychological aspects of the crimes and criminals.

Forensic Dentistry, also known as Forensic Odontology is a medical profession which involves analysis of dental evidence related to the crimes. Forensic Chemistry deals with the chemical analysis of all chemical evidences collected from the scenes of the crime. Dactyloscopy also called Fingerprinting Technology is the study and analysis of the fingerprints collected from the crime scenes and correlating these evidences with the crime investigations.

Another option available in the field of forensic science is Forensic linguistic skills. Forensic linguists are responsible for the analysis and research of the communications and related evidences such as oral and written communication evidences collected from the crime scenes so that these evidences can be related to the crimes and criminals.


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    A forensic science online program offers the specialized training you will need to begin or advance your career as a forensic science professional. The amount of targeted training required will depend on the desired area of specialization and the degree level pursued.

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