Career As A Dietitian

If you are interested in promoting good health, by guiding people from various walks of life about the proper heating habits to help them lead a healthy life and help in the control of several diseases, then career as a dietitian would be the right path for you to follow.
A dietitian is a person who has studied and a learned person in the subjects of food and nutrition.

Types of Dietitians and Nature of work: Clinical Dietitians work for health authorities and hospitals in which their function requires them to prepare for modified diet according to the patient’s requirement and to provide nutritional therapy in accordance with the respective disease as instructed to them by the medical team. Other functions include food service management and research.

Pediatric Dietitians work on preparing diet charts and looking after the nutritional requirements of children and young teenagers below 18 years.

Food Service Management is another area of functioning for dietitians. They are basically required to help in preparing menus, supervise the quality of food being given to patients, in school food service programmes, jail, restaurants, etc. Managing the finances and personnel also come under their duty.

Research Dietitians plan and execute various projects related to development and research in food and nutrition. Alternatively they are also appointed by colleges and universities for imparting lecture and giving training to students.

Gerontological dietitians are those who have done special studies in nutrition and importantly in aging. Therefore they are employed to work in government agencies to aid in aging policies and also as consultants in nursing homes.

Career in mass media is also available to dietitians as they are often invited to share their valuable knowledge in writings for newspapers, magazines, give excerpts for television and radio.

Community Dietitians work for the community at large by distributing relevant and valuable information about nutritional properties of food to people of various segments in society, and also for international health organizations.

Educational requirements: To become a registered dietitian, one has to acquire any of the following degrees, a four year professional degree in Dietetics, or A Bachelor of science degree with a post graduate degree in dietetics, or A Bachelor of science with Master of Dietetics degree.