Career Advantage as Political Scientist

Political-Scientist Earning a career in political science is nothing less than a dream for many aspiring individuals. The field of political science is vast and economically highly rewarding. Due to great career prospects in this field, thousands of students in schools across USA, Canada and UK pick up political science majors every year. After earning degrees in political science, these students bag job positions in various settings and work as analysis, research and communication experts. Career possibilities in political science are varied and numerous. Preferable job positions include political analysis expert, policy analysis expert and academician.

What does the subject deal in?

Political science studies political systems as well as political theories. Students who opt for major in political science are required to do specialization. They are given the option to choose one topic from different political studies like international relations, post-colonial affairs or modern legal infrastructure. Students who take political science as career develop deep interest in exploring the political systems and public affairs that cast great impact on general mass.

Job prospects

There was a time when job prospects in political science were very thin. Most of the graduates with degrees in political science were made to work in academic fields. But the picture is quite rosier now. Qualified political science professionals have numerous job avenues waiting for them. Popular fields which now offer prospective job positions to political science students with major include political research groups, law, journalism and business.

Besides these, there are many other fields, as well, where political scientists can establish their career as lobbyist, freelance writer, political consultant, instructor of social studies, pollster, policy analyst, legislative analyst and elected official.

Educational specification

Education specification for pursuing a career in political science depends largely on the chosen field of job. Generally, job positions of legislative analyst and lobbyist need Bachelor degree in political science. But a career in academic field may require masters or doctoral degree.