Canadian Universities for Clinical Psychology and Experimental Psychology Programs

Clinical-Psychology Clinical psychology is a major branch of psychology which deals with various psychological treatment methods for the welfare of the patients suffering from various psychological disorders. Experimental psychology is one of the related fields of clinical psychology. Many Canadian universities hold a good reputation as quality education providers in the field of clinical psychology and experimental psychology.

University of Calgary

University of Calgary, one of the most reputed Canadian universities conducts some good programs in both clinical psychology and experimental psychology fields. Major study programs available at the university include higher qualifications such as PhD in clinical psychology; PhD in experimental psychology; MSc in clinical psychology and MSc in experimental psychology

University of New Brunswick

A master level program, MA in experimental and applied psychology is offered at the University of New Brunswick

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Memorial University of Newfoundland offers courses such as PsyD in clinical psychology; PhD in experimental psychology and MSc in experimental psychology

University of Guelph

University of Guelph has two specialist program is neuropsychology. These are BA minor in cognitive neuropsychology and BSc honours psychology with focus on brain and cognitive psychology

Lakehead University

PhD in Clinical Psychology and MA in Clinical Psychology are the two major clinical psychology programs available at the Lakehead University

McMaster University

McMaster University also offers specialist programs is neuropsychology such as BA in psychology, neuroscience & behaviour and BSc in psychology, neuroscience & behaviour

University of Regina

University of Regina, another reputed Canadian university awards several post graduate and doctoral level qualifications in the disciplines of clinical psychology as well as experimental psychology. Courses offered at the university includes PhD in Clinical Psychology; PhD in Experimental and Applied Psychology; MA in Clinical Psychology and MA in Experimental and Applied Psychology.

Bishop’s University

Psychology academic programs conducted at the Bishop’s University are, BA in psychology, gerontology concentration (major); BSc in psychology, neuroscience concentration (major, honours); and Certificate in human psychology.

Besides, York University offers a Graduate diploma in Health Psychology and Concordia University offers a Graduate certificate in clinical psychology. These programs are open for both domestic and international applicants.