Build your Career as Video Game Character Artist

Surging growth of video game industry has brought about several coveted job positions for career-oriented aspirants in related field. One of the demanding job positions within graphic and animation field is the profession of video game character artist. Character artists are skilled and qualified professionals who design video games and shape video game characters.

A professional video game character artist must know basic skills for creating video games. However, his or her prime job is to determine the types of characters that can match the requirements of the newly crafted video games. Possessing advanced technical knowledge about computer animation and graphic design is mandatory for aspiring students who dream of making it big as video game character artists.

Job specification

Character animation professionals or character artists are trained people who build and design characters, shape their looks and give movements to them. So, they should ideally possess strong drawing as well as drafting expertise. Character artists generally start their work by drawing sketches of various creatures on white board or paper. Once the basic design is finished, character artists create the same design in computer with the help of modeling software.

The works of video game character artists begin with plain shapes. These shapes are known as primitive polygons. Then, these polygons are stretched, twisted and combined to form the shape of a skeleton which seems to be covered with mesh of wire. Thereafter, the mesh of wire is covered with virtual skin and muscles. Finally, colors are added.

Required professional training

Video game character artists can be professionally trained in video game animation and design schools, colleges, universities and vocational training institutes located throughout USA. These institutes offer degree programs in large numbers of related fields including video game character designing.

Making video games and creating video game characters require knowledge and training of sophisticated computer software programs and languages. Students who are enrolled for video game character artist degree courses are taught computer language C++ extensively. This language is used for writing video games. Exclusive animation and video game character software programs which the students are taught include 3DS MAX, Maya and Softimage XSI.

Coursework taught in video game character, animation and design degree program also includes several technical trainings such as storyboarding, characterization, drawing, modeling and design.