Biotechnology: The Next Generation Career

biotechnology A career in science stream is the best choice for the people who are curious about the natural world and love to research the various phenomena of the world. Biotechnology is a research-oriented science which includes subjects like Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Engineering. If you have a good academic background with high level of intelligence and a scientific bent of mind, you can certainly think of a career in biotechnology.

Before launching a biotechnology career, you have to envision yourself that a successful career is waiting for you. Analyze thoroughly whether you have all the required technical qualities, such as the ability to operate in a complex environment; the ability to reason, to spot interesting problems, to formulate and test hypotheses, etc. This is very important as your employer will assume that as a qualified biotechnologist, you have all the advanced technical skills.

The application of biotechnology is in almost every field and ranges from fields like agriculture to industry (food, pharmaceutical, chemical, textiles etc.). Minimum qualification required to enter this field is the completion of a relevant course in biotechnology.  Various courses available in this field are B.Tech in Biotechnology; M.Sc. Biotechnology; M.Tech. Biotechnology, Medical Biotechnology and a PhD and Post-Doctoral Research in Biotechnology can also be pursued.

Qualified biotechnologists easily get absorbed in corporate business houses and MNCs including pharmaceutical companies, chemical industries, bio-processing industries, and agriculture related industries with a good pay package. There is a great scope for various employment opportunities in research field also. Biotechnologists can join government and corporate run research and development organizations.

Career In Pharmaceutical Industry

Biotechnology is applied in pharmaceutical industry for developing various medicines, vaccines and diagnostics. You should have minimum a graduation in Biotechnology to apply for the positions available with pharma firms.

Career In Agribusiness Industry

Application of biotechnology in Agribusiness industry is not only limited to the improvements in the quality of seeds, insecticides, fertilizers and energy production and conservation but also in developing GMOs (genetically modified organisms) for increasing the desired characteristics such as higher productivity and disease-pest resistance. The application of biotechnology in animal husbandry has resulted in numerous kinds of genetically engineered, high yielding animal breeds.

There are several other careers available for biotechnologists in industrial research and development sector as well as environment sector.


  • divya

    I have completed BE in Biotechnology in 2011 and is unable to find a job, so please guide me in which specialisation should i do or please let me know if there is any course in lifescience field so that i can get job.

  • Princess

    I am in last year of biotechnology I wanna pursue higher degree in USA , please suggest me in which field should I go for???? Even in future salary for that perspective will be higher……