Bioinformatics: Career in Cutting Edge Technology

bioinformatics Post genomic era witnessed the emergence of a new sector, bioinformatics, and this market for bioinformatics-based services and databases, is steadily growing. In fact bioinformatics science is a precious byproduct of the post genomic era which is nothing but the application of information technology to the management and analysis of biological data.

Major objective of bioinformatics science is to discover and analyze the wealth of biological information hidden in the mass of sequence, structure and other biological data and obtain a deep understanding about the fundamental biology of microorganisms so that this information can successfully be utilized for the improvement of quality of human life.

Bioinformatics includes various disciplines such as molecular biology, mathematics, statistics and computer science and dealing with genomics, proteomics, structural biology and dynamics of macromolecular assemblies. Huge volume of data generated in the post genomic era through extensive researches worldwide, require skilled personnel to do the analysis and development of application models. But unfortunately this field is not yet fully explored for its employment potential and the number of jobs in bioinformatics is growing day by day.

Career opportunities exist in both in national and international level especially with private research centres; biotechnology industry, biomedical sciences, in research institutions, hospital and health care industry, academic institutions as well as in pharmaceutical companies. High profile careers with hefty compensation packages are available in countries like USA, Europe and now in India also.

Application of Bioinformatics principles is possible in almost every scientific industry such as pharma and medical care industry; agriculture and environment industry; biotechnology etc. Bioinformatics principles are extensively used in medical field for the development of better and more customized medicines to prevent or cure diseases. In agricultural sector it is used for the development of high yielding hybrid crops and GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).

Various job profiles include Clinical Pharmacologist, Research Associate, Informatics Developer, Computational Chemist, Bio-Analyst and Computational Analyst. You must have a relevant qualification and experience in bioinformatics in order to apply for these positions. If you have a graduation or post-graduation in medicine, engineering, molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, chemistry, pharmacy, veterinary sciences, physics, and mathematics, you may apply for a relevant course in bioinformatics.