Best Hospitality and Tourism Management Schools in France

Vatel-Hotel-Schoo France has many reasons to be proud of. It is home to some of the world’s richest historical treasures and architectural marvels. Its capital city, Paris, has the distinction of being one of the widely visited cities in the world. Apart from having wide numbers of cultural emblems like parks, museums, gardens and theaters, the country is home to several distinguished universities and educational institutes. Education of hospitality and tourism management in France falls into categories which offer elaborate infrastructure for international students.

Some of the best hospitality and tourism management schools in France include:

AIM – Hotel & Tourism Management School

This Paris-based tourism management school is among top hospitality and tourism management institutes in France. Bachelors and Masters Degrees offered by this institute are recognized by prominent world employers. High profile hospitality programs offered by this institute include Bachelor of Science (BS), Master of Science (MS) and Academic Management Studies.

Vatel Hotel School – Paris

This world renowned hospitality and tourism management school is included among top three hotel management institutes in the world. The institute is proud to have developed international network. It also owns department which is in tune with international standard. These factors serve as guiding force for thousands of students studying there.

Schiller International University

This institute is known for its glorious track record of providing high level hospitality and tourism management courses. It has the tradition of producing professionals with powerful presentation skills. These professionals are in wide demand by industry employers throughout the world. Popular programs which attract large number of international students to this hospitality school include MBA International Hotel and Tourism Management; Bachelor of Science (BS); Master of Science (MS) and Academic Management Studies.

Culinary and Hospitality School Le Cordon Bleu

Paris has come a long way to become world’s gastronomic capital. Culinary and Hospitality School Le Cordon Bleu has contributed much to the present fame of this city. It has evolved itself from a Paris-based cooking institute into an international chain of hospitality and culinary arts education. Graduates from this pioneering institute are recognized worldwide for their outstanding hospitality and culinary skills.