Best Dental Schools In Atlanta

Are you aspiring to become a dentist? There are several options available for dental colleges in Atlanta. In this article, we are providing information on various dental schools available in Atlanta. These are the best schools in terms of education, campus facilities, faculty etc.

Atlanta Technical College

The college was founded in 1945 and initially started as a Vocational school. It offers various diploma and certificate programs in 38 fields such as drafting & plumbing, cosmetology & marketing.

Best Dental Schools In Atlanta

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There is a department of health technologies that offers dental laboratory and dental assisting technology programs. The college offers the following programs:

Basic Dental Assisting Technical Certificate

You can become a dental assistant after doing this program. It makes you eligible for an entry-level employment. Training is provided in various fields such as oral anatomy, infection control, healthcare fundamentals, microbiology etc. A clinical practicum is a part of this course.

Dental Assisting Diploma

This program provides skills and knowledge for making a career in dental assistance. It includes courses such as microcomputing, psychology, oral anatomy, biology, microbiology, preventive dentistry, infection control and oral pathology. Clinical practicums are also included in this program.

Dental Laboratory Technology Diploma

You can become a dental lab assistant by doing this course. This program offers a three-hour practicum with general education in computers, English, mathematics and psychology.

Georgia Perimeter College

It is one of the largest schools of Atlanta. The Dental Hygiene department of the college offers a degree in dental hygiene.

Top Dental Schools In Atlanta

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Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene

It is a degree program that provides training to the students in taking X-rays, cleaning and polishing teeth and educating the patients. It includes courses such as chemistry, periodontics, dental radiology, anesthesiology, oral pathology, pharmacology, physiology and anatomy.

Medical College of Georgia

This college is located in Augusta. It has the fame of being the only dental college in the state that has received accreditation.

Dental Schools In Atlanta

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The college provides a four-year program to the students and offers degrees in fields like oral biology. The education system of the college makes the students exposed to the patient environment at an early stage.

University of Alabama

This university is located at a two hour distance from Birmingham. Founded in 1948, it is a nationally recognized university. The school offers the best of facilities in the field of dentistry.

Meharry Medical College

This college is located in Tennessee. It is a very popular college in USA and has the honor of being the Regional Research Center. The college is located at a four-hour distance from Atlanta.

List of Dental Schools In Atlanta

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Everest College Atlanta West

It is a renowned college in USA and offers many diplomas, graduate and post-graduate programs. The college provides a hands-on experience and skills to its students. It focuses on providing industry-specific training to its students. Soft skills also form an important element of the program. You do not have to undergo any special test. However, you should meet all the requirements for becoming eligible for the dental programs.

Everest College Dental Assistant Program

This program makes you proficient in performing patient procedures, chair-side assisting methods and related laboratory and office tasks. The students are made familiar with the basic dental science skills so that they can work in the dental environment. It is a nine-month program.