Avionics and Aviation Study Programs in UK

Avionics and Aviation are two major disciplines of aerospace engineering sciences. Avionics is dealing with the engineering and electronics aspects of the aircraft and aerospace technology while aviation deals with the skill development required for the operations and manufacturing of the aircrafts.

There are actually very few globally reputed academic programs available in the fields of aviation and avionics. Some well respected study programs in Avionics and Aviation are offered by the reputed UK universities namely, Brunel University; University of Sheffield; University of Leeds and the University of Glamorgan for the international students.

Brunel University

Brunel University is very famous for aerospace engineering education, especially for the aviation engineering qualifications offered by the university for the global students. Major bachelor degrees offered by the Brunel University in the discipline of aviation include bachelor degrees like Aviation Engineering (4 year Thick SW) BEng (Hons); Aviation Engineering (5 year Thick SW) MEng (Hons); Aviation Engineering BEng (Hons) ; Aviation Engineering with Pilot Studies (4 year Thick SW) BEng (Hons) and Aviation Engineering with Pilot Studies BEng (Hons) as well as master degrees like Aviation Engineering with Pilot Studies (4 years) MEng (Hons) and Aviation Engineering with Pilot Studies MEng (Hons). Duration of the bachelor programs varies from three years to four years while course duration of a master degree is normally one year. Course start date is in the month of September.

University of Sheffield

University of Sheffield is a major education destination for avionics study programs. Major avionics qualifications offered by the University of Sheffield are Avionic Systems PG Certificate; Avionic Systems PG Diploma and Avionic Systems MSc (Eng). Course duration of the PG certificate is between six months and one year while PG Diploma takes one year for its completion.

University of Leeds

University of Leeds offers specialization programs in aviation such as Aviation Technology and Management BSc (Hons) and Aviation Technology with Pilot Studies BSc (Hons). Both these courses are three year duration bachelor level qualifications.

University of Glamorgan

A specialization in avionics is offered at the University of Glamorgan for the eligible candidates. This specialization course is titled as ‘Aeronautical Systems Engineering with Avionics BEng (Hons)’ which is a three year duration bachelor degree program.


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    hey i was doing my B.S in avionics can i apply for these collages and can u tell me some M.S Avionics collages

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    HI,am david from Kenya,East Africa,completed my diploma in Aeronautical Engineering,avionics.wonna pursue Bsc avionics,please advise on best school.

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    i have a great ambition to study avionics after my degree as an electrical engineer. I am five year electrical engineering student studying in Nigeria and will be through by the end of this year, would want to know how I can get scholarship to enable me pursue the avionics engineering masters degree in avionics . Please help me to get a scholarship so that my dream wont die.

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    hi, i have finished EASA part 66 license B2[13 modules for avionics] i work in manitenance of boeing and airbus aircrafts. i wnat to move in development area, is it possible to get admission directly to te final year of any engineering courslike BEng [aerospace]

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    I have completed BEng in Electronics and Communication. I have a great intrest in to do specialisation in Avonics. Kindly suggest me the process

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