Aviation Degree Programs in USA

Aviation Aviation sector has always been a prime career target of study for students throughout the world. Aspiring students see great career opportunities in this growing sector. Moreover, this fast paced sector is also known to utilize latest technologies. Any of the various jobs offered under aviation sector can offer great level of fun, adventure, challenge and reward. These factors combine to make aviation the most sought after career choice for students across the world.

Aviation Education Programs in USA

USA has earned wide reputation for being one of the most important hubs of aviation education programs on the international horizon. The country has more than 100 universities and colleges which offer complete infrastructure of aviation study programs. Students from across the world are offered various degree programs and courses at these institutions. Aviation courses provided by these institutions include 2-year Associate Degree Programs, 4-year Bachelor’s Degree Programs, Master’s Degree Programs and Doctorate Programs.

However, popular aviation courses in USA which attract large number of offshore students include Associate Degree Programs, Bachelor’s Degree Programs and Master’s Degree Programs.

Associate Degree Program

It is one of the most sought after aviation study programs in United States of America. There are three most familiar categories under which Associate degree programs are offered in aviation institutes in US. These categories are known as flight maintenance, aircraft maintenance and electronics or aviation. All the Associate degree programs which are on offer in US match exclusive technical requirements of the industry.

Bachelor’s Degree Program

Bachelor’s Degree Programs in aviation offered in US colleges and universities generally take four years to complete. Students are required to devote an average of 120 to 130 semester-hours. An ideal Bachelor’s course in aviation involves 45 to 60 hours of G. S. (general studies) which include topics such as English, mathematics, communications, social science, humanities, science and technology, calculus or algebra, physics, chemistry, management and computer science.

Master’s Degree Program

This course is wonderfully crafted for aviation aspirants who have set big career target. Master’s Degree Program in aviation in USA offers the students broad and thorough curriculum. The course enables the students to develop comprehensive knowledge about aerospace and aviation industry.