Australian Universities that offer doctoral courses in Literature

Literature is yet another addictive academic field of Humanities like History and Archaeology. So, if you agree with that statement and have an insatiable thirst for Literature, then you ought to know about the research opportunities that are available in this particular field. Let us now look into one such Australian University that offers two doctoral courses in Literature, and that is ‘University of Newcastle’. Apparently, this Australian University is the only one that offers doctoral courses in the field of Literature.

You got to dedicate four years completely to a doctoral course in Literature if you wish to pursue it at ‘University of Newcastle’. As that is the common course duration that’s applicable to both the doctoral courses in Literature offered by this Australian University. One is a doctoral course in English and the other is a doctoral course in Chinese Literature. The major issue for every prospective researcher is the cost involved in the research. So, one must get a hang of the fee of each of these doctoral courses in Literature.

  • The doctoral course in English costs a course fee of 17,080 Australian Dollars for every academic year.
  • The doctoral course in Chinese Literature however is a course that costs 2,035 Australian Dollars for every ten modules.

Knowing the cost involved, one can work out one’s expenses effectively and make the required arrangements. Also bear in mind to keep a copy of the financial statements like loan documents or any other financial documents. That’s because sometimes this is required and is asked for by the Universities and that too especially in the case of foreign students. All those who wish to apply to this doctoral course in Literature need to roll up their sleeves because the deadline to send in applications is 12th of July for the year 2010 and the start date is marked for 26th July of the year 2010. The dates are commonly applicable to each of the doctoral courses in Literature that are offered by this Australian University.

Eligibility Rules:

A recognized BA in the particular field with a first or second class honor is an essential requirement to get into any of the two the doctoral courses in Literature. This Australian University provides accommodation facilities through International House, Evatt House, Barahineban and Edwards Hall. Then there’s ‘Blue Gum House’ which is “the place” for anybody who’d like to cook one’s own food.