Australian Universities offering a Doctoral Course in Physics

There are six Universities at Australia that offer a Doctoral course in Physics. Let us now look into each of these six Australian Universities. ‘University of Newcastle’ is an Australian University that offers two Doctoral courses in Physics. One is a course awarding ‘Doctor of Philosophy in Physics’, while the other awards a ‘Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Physics’. The duration of each of these two courses is four years. The cut off date to receive applications to either of these Doctoral course in Physics is 12th July, 2010. The date when both of these Doctoral courses in Physics begin is 26th July, 2010.

‘Curtin University of Technology’ is the only Australian University that offers an Online Doctoral course in Physics and no attendance is marked for this online course. Apart from that, it also offers a full time Doctoral course in Physics over four years course period.

‘James Cook University’ is the second oldest Australian University in the whole of Queensland. It is one of the four Australian Universities that offers just one Doctoral course in Physics. This is a full time Doctoral course in Physics that extends to three years of academic course period. The annual fee for this Doctoral course in Physics is 20,000 Australian Dollars.

‘University of South Wales’ also has a doctoral course in Physics that it offers over a period of four years. This is a full time Doctoral course in Physics that costs about 29,280 Australian Dollars annually. This Doctoral course in Physics imparted through ‘University of Wales’ attempts to comprehend the laws of nature that control the behavior of the whole Universe. This Australian University is a member of the ‘Universitas 21 international consortium’.

If you are looking at an Australian University offering a Doctoral course in Physics exclusively in the field of ‘Applied Physics’, then that has got to be ‘Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University’. The Doctoral course in Applied Physics offered by this Australian University is a full time course that is four year long.

Another full time Doctoral course in Physics is offered by ‘University of Wollongong’.  This is known to be consistently one of the top Australian Universities according to the mentions of ‘The Times Higher Education-QS World University Rankings of 2009’.This is an Australian University offering this entire three year course for a fee of 69,120 Australian Dollars.