Australian Universities offering a Doctoral Course in Economics

Economics is one of the most practical streams of research and has been highly in demand with the growing trade and commerce. So, if you happen to consider a Doctoral course in Economics, then you definitely must check out the fourteen Australian Universities that offer this course.

University of New South Wales at Australia is a member of the ‘Universitas 21 international consortium’. This top rated Australian University started functioning way back in the year 1949. This Australian University offers one full time course that is four years long. On successful completion of the course, this Australian University awards a ‘Doctor of Philosophy in Economics’. The annual fee charged for this course is Nineteen Thousands Nine Hundred and Twenty Australian dollars.

Curtin University of Technology is another Australian University that offers two courses awarding a ‘Doctor of Philosophy in Economics and Finance’ on course completion. One is through a full time study course that extends over a time period of four years, while the other is an online distance study course. The next best pick would be University of Wollongong that offers a full time Doctor of Philosophy course. This course is a full time course that spreads over three years. The cost of this entire course is Sixty Seven Thousands Six Hundred and Eighty Australian Dollars for the entire course.

If you are looking at a course offering Doctoral in Economics in Applied Economics, Then you would definitely be interested in this course option offered by Victoria University. This Australian University is flexible enough to let you choose a part time or a full time mode of study. The time duration for this course is four years, and the fee charged is Ten Thousand and Five Hundred Australian Dollars for every semester.

Another top rated Australian University that offers both full time and a home study course awarding ‘Doctor of Philosophy in Economics’ is James Cook University. The course period for the full time course is three years and for the part time course it remains variable. The annual fee charged for this course through either study mode is Sixteen Thousands and Eighty Australian Dollars.

Other Australian Universities that offer Doctoral in Economics courses are Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Monash University, University of Sydney, University of Canberra, Australian National University, University of Melbourne, University of Adelaide and University of Newcastle.