Animation, Digital Media and Graphic Design Courses in New Zealand

Graphic-Design Professional programmes in Animation, Digital Media and Graphic Design are available in many New Zealand academic institutions.

Natcoll Design Technology and Media Design School are two highly reputed academic institutions in this field.

Natcoll Design Technology ( is well known for programmes such as Diploma of Animation (advanced), Diploma of Animation and Digital Video, Foundation Certificate in Digital Design ‘iCreate’, Diploma of Video Post Production (advanced), Diploma of Digital Media (Advanced), Diploma of Interactive Design and Diploma in Computer Graphic Design.

Media Design School ( also offers highly reputed courses like Diploma in 3D Animation, Diploma in Digital Media, Diploma in Computer Graphic Design, Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, Diploma in Creative Advertising, Diploma in Internet Architecture & Development, Graduate Diploma in Game Development, Graduate Diploma in Creative Technologies and Graduate Diploma in 3D Imagery and Visualization.

Universal College of Learning (UCOL) is a popular college for study programmes like Master of Computer Graphic Design, Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Graphic Design, Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design (Hons) and Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design. More information about these courses is available on

Another institute, Southern Institute of Technology ( offers a Diploma in Computer Graphic Design for interested career aspirants while Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology( conducts a Graduate Diploma in Design (Multi Media, Digital Design, 3D Modelling and Animation) and Graduate Diploma in Computer Aided Design.

A Diploma in Graphic Communication is available at the AUT University ( whereas Bay of Plenty Polytechnic ( awards a one year Diploma in Graphics and Multimedia.

Other prominent institutions that deserve to be listed here are Lifeway College (Diploma in 3D Animation – Level 6 and Diploma in Advanced 3D Animation – Level 7); Unitec New Zealand (Diploma in Graphic Design and Animation Exit Award); Raffles College of Design and Commerce (Diploma of Animation) and Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (Bachelor of Arts & Media, Diploma in Arts & Media and Diploma in Graphics and Multimedia).


  • By
    studying the Diploma of 3D Animation, you’ll master the
    suite of technical skills