American Universities that offer a Doctoral course in Economics

The study of Economics has been much sought after since the activities connected with trade and commerce have been reaching a new peak every day. The study of this growth, elements involved in it, factors affecting it, theories behind these activities and observations regarding it have gained a wider scope. This is why economics has been an evergreen field that’s always in demand. If you are really looking at pursuing a doctoral in economics, then you definitely must take a peep into the top American Universities that offer this course.

Oregon State University offers two doctoral courses in Economics through the full time mode of study. One is a course that awards a ‘Doctor of Philosophy in Economics’, and is a four year long course. While the second is one that awards a ‘Doctor of Philosophy in Forest resources in Economics’ and the duration of this course is Variable.

Michigan State University is another great place to consider if you are really keen on a doctoral course in economics. This American University offers three full time doctoral courses in this growing stream of Economics. First is a Doctor of Philosophy in Economics, second one is a Doctor of Philosophy in Agriculture Markets and Price Analysis and the third one is a Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental and Resource Economics. The cost per semester for each of this course is Twenty Five Thousands Seven Hundred and Seventy Two US Dollars.

You can also choose from Doctor of Philosophy in Economics and Doctor of Philosophy in Resource Economics at University of Massachusetts Amherst. Both of these courses ate full time doctoral courses. The cost per credit in either of these course is US Dollars four hundred and fourteen only. Carnegie Mellon University offers two Full time Doctoral courses in the field of Economics. One is in Economics and the other is in Financial Economics. Both of these courses cost Forty Eight Thousand and Eight Hundred US Dollars a year.

Some other leading American Universities that you could consider studying a Doctoral in Economics are University of Florida, Syracuse University, University of Houston, Middle Tennessee State University, Ohio State University, Oklahoma State University, University of Kansas, Indiana University Bloomington, Stanford University, University of Maryland, Northern Illinois University, New York University, University of Pennsylvania and Cornell University.