All The Social Work Courses Offered By National University of Singapore

Social work careers are quite popular these days, and that is mainly because of the excellent pay packages, plus the nobility in this particular field.

Although, there is no need for one to have a degree in social work to enter the field, yet a degree in Social Work gives an edge to one’s career in social work.

That’s because, anybody can contribute in any form as a social worker through one’s own career. An accountant can volunteer and handle some accounts for a charity organization, a doctor could volunteer and hold free medical camps with a charity organization, even a homemaker could just go visit the underprivileged and try to help the charity organization in making their lives better.

A two year long social work course that’s suitable for such a person is ‘Graduate diploma in social work’. This course is offered through ‘National University of Singapore’. This course includes subjects like ‘Contemporary Social Work Practice’, ‘Studies and research on Children and youth’, etc…

These are general topics that any graduate must know before kick starting a career in social work. This particular course costs about 14,730 Singapore dollars for each academic year.

Sometimes, even those who’ve only completed their high school happen to be working in the field of social work. But, when we speak of one pursuing a full time career in social work, then a degree in social work plays a vital role, and especially while speaking of growth in the field of Social Work.

The second course offered by ‘National University of Singapore’ is ‘PhD in Social Work by research’. This is a five year long course and can be pursued through full time or part time study pattern.

The third one is ‘Master of Social Science in Social Work by research’. This social work course requires three years to be completed through either the part time, or the full time study pattern. The fourth fifth and sixth Social work courses are:

  • ‘Master of Social Science in Social Work by direct practice’,
  • ‘Master of Social Science in Social Work in Research and Evaluation’, and
  • ‘Master of Social Science in Social Work in Management of Social Sciences’

Each of the three full time social work courses requires three academic years to be completed, and the yearly cost of each of these social work courses is 15,900 Singapore Dollars.