All The Graduate And Postgraduate Courses In Computer Science Offered At National University Of Singapore

Computer Science plays a vital role in various professions, and so there arises a need for multiple specializations. This fact is well understood by ‘National University of Singapore’, and therefore it offers such six graduate and post graduate courses in Computer Science. Each of these six full time courses offered by ‘National University of Singapore’ is five years long.

The first, second, third and fourth integrated courses offered by ‘National University of Singapore’ are ‘Bachelor in Computer Engineering with Master of Science in Management’, ‘Bachelor in Computer Science with Master of Science in Management’, ‘Bachelor in Computers with honors in Electronic Commerce with Master of Science in Management’, and ‘Bachelor in Computers with honors in Information Systems with Master of Science in Management’.

Each of the four courses is suitable for any person who is looking at reaching the Managerial position in the IT Sector. That’s because, a manager must know what projects are being carried out by the organization, and similarly, an IT Professional must possess the qualities that are required to reach the Managerial level.

The fifth course is an integrated course that equips a person with the technology that is used in the field of Entertainment and Media. This graduate and post-graduate course is called ‘Bachelors of Computing with honors in Communications and Media, and Master of Entertainment Technology’.

This includes some of the latest modules like ‘Theories of Communication and New Media’ and ‘The Visual Story’ and ‘Game Designing’. The sixth course is ‘Bachelor of Computing in Computational Biology and Scientiae Magister in Computer Science’ that annually costs 36,330 Singapore Dollars.

This Singapore University also offers six Post Graduation courses in the stream of Computer Science.Those are mentioned below:

  • Master of Science in Electrical Engineering with specialization in the field of Computer Engineering’ and ‘Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Computation and Modeling’. Each of these two courses costs 11,230 Singapore Dollars for a student who is not a citizen of Singapore.
  • Then there’s the one and a half year long ‘Master of Science in System Design and Management’ that costs 16,500 Singapore Dollars.
  • Then there are three ‘Master of Computing by coursework’ that are individually offered in the streams of ‘Information Technology Project Management’, ‘Infocomm Security’ and ‘Computer Science’ that costs 15,900 Singapore Dollars.