All About The Doctoral Courses In Chemistry Offered through Curtin University of Technology

Australia is not just a fun and adventurous country to be in, but it’s also a great place to pursue a doctoral course in Chemistry.

One of the best Australian Universities offering doctoral courses in Chemistry is ‘Curtin University of Technology, Australia’.

This Australian University is known to have many feathers in its cap. For instance, this Australian University made it to the thirteenth position in the global ranking list of the top two hundred Universities. That is definitely not an easy position for any University to be on. This Australian University is named ‘Curtin University of Technology’ in honor of John Curtin, the honorable ex Prime Minister of Australia.

‘Curtin University of Technology’ is very flexible regarding the study pattern that it offers. This Australian University offers a total of four doctoral courses in Chemistry through both full time and online study patterns.

  • The first doctoral course in Chemistry is a four year long ‘PhD in Applied Chemistry’.
  • The second doctoral course in chemistry is an online course awarding ‘PhD in Applied Chemistry’.
  • The third doctoral course in Chemistry is a full time four year long ‘PhD in Western Australian School Mines’.
  • The fourth course ‘PhD in Western School Mines’ is imparted through online study pattern over a changeable period of time.

To get in here, students must usually have a graduation followed by a post graduation or a post graduate diploma. Usually, even those with a first or higher second class in Bachelor’s degree are considered eligible, but only when they graduate from ‘Curtin University of Technology, Australia’. The common condition applicable is that the aggregate course weighted average should not be below 70%.

Accommodation is not at all an issue at ‘Curtin University of Technology, Australia’. That’s because accommodation is provided on the campus of this Australian University. There are one thousand and two hundred student quarters available on the campus of this Australian University.

Moreover, time and atmosphere are definitely very important for a student of a doctoral course in Chemistry, and one can be sure that choosing this facility would help one save a lot of travel time. The best part is that one can stay in these quarters alone or with a partner, however, forget living there with your family, as that is not permitted.