Aerospace Engineering Programmes in Singapore

aerospace-engineering Major Aerospace Engineering Programmes available in the Singapore Universities and Polytechnic Colleges are, B.Eng. in Aerospace Engineering B. Eng (Honours) in Aerospace Systems; Diploma in Aerospace Electronics (AE); Diploma in Aerospace Technology (AT); Diploma in Aerospace Avionics; Diploma in Aerospace Engineering (Quality Systems); Diploma in Aerospace Systems and Management; Diploma in Space and Interior Design; NITEC certificate in Precision Engineering (Aerospace); NITEC certificate in Aerospace Avionics; and NITEC certificate in Aerospace Technology.

Nanyang Technological University; Sim University; Ngee Ann Polytechnic; Republic Polytechnic; Ite College West; Ite College Central and Singapore Polytechnic are most popular Singapore academic institutions in the field of Aerospace Engineering education.

B.Eng. in Aerospace Engineering of Nanyang Technological University is offered at a cost of about $9600 for international students. Sim University also offers a bachelor level programme, B. Eng (Honours) in Aerospace Systems. Duration of bachelor programmes is about three to four years.

Diploma in Aerospace Electronics (AE) and Diploma in Aerospace Technology (AT) programmes are conducted at the Ngee Ann Polytechnic institute at a cost of about $2400 and duration of the programmes is up to one year.

Republic Polytechnic; Temasek Polytechnic; Nanyang Polytechnic and Singapore Polytechnic are popular for their diploma level study programmes such as Diploma in Aerospace Avionics and Diploma in Aerospace Engineering-Quality Systems (Republic Polytechnic); Diploma in Aerospace Electronics and Diploma in Aerospace Engineering (Temasek Polytechnic); Diploma in Aerospace Systems and Management and Diploma in Space and Interior Design(Nanyang Polytechnic); Advanced Diploma in Aerospace Engineering and Management and Diploma in Aerospace Electronics (Singapore Polytechnic).

NITEC certificate courses of Ite College West and Ite College Central are also popular among overseas students. Ite College West offers Nitec in Precision Engineering (Aerospace) while Ite College Central conducts two programmes, Nitec in Aerospace Avionics and Nitec in Aerospace Technology. Duration of these diploma courses varies from one year to three years.