Admission Process And Eligibility Criteria For Studying In Canada

Many students aspire to study in their preferred universities outside their country. But they are unaware and often confused how to opt for such foreign Universities. Among many popular study-abroad destinations, Canada is one important offering a host of study programmes.

There are certain fixed eligibility criteria and admission procedure to pursue studies in Canada. But more important is before taking admission in any university in Canada, it is cardinal rule to contact and know the university admission rules for foreign students carefully as different study institutions have their own specific rules and regulations and ask for detailed information and application forms.

There are certain jurisdictions where these applications can be submitted electronically. Some of these are Alberta Learning Information Service, Post Secondary Application Service of British Columbia, and Ontario College Application.

As general eligibility criteria for study in Canada, students must have proficiency in either English of French with which a certain minimum score is mandatory in a standardized language test. Then it is utmost important that your studentship is accepted by the recognized by the Canadian school-board, secondary school or post-secondary institutions.

Next important thing is that a student authorization in the form of Visa is required from Canadian Immigration authorities situated in the student’s country of origin like Canadian Embassy, High Commission of Canada and Canadian Education Centre. Once the documents are found satisfactory the visa officer states a student as “bona fide” to enter Canada.

This is a long drawn process, so prior preparations are expected. The travel documents are also supposed to be valid. One can even require a visitor’s visa which has to be applied for at the same time.

The documents required for these visas are a valid passport, letter of acceptance from a Canadian institution, financial proof stating the affordability for a particular for opted for and livelihood in Canada in the form of letter from the parents or financial guarantor, bank letter, an up-dated bank statement or a scholarship/fellowship contract and also a medical certificate. In case of a minor a proof of the custodian in Canada is also added.

A student can also apply for scholarship or fellowship. For this he or she may seek aid either from the Canadian institution being pursued or the government of his/her origin or any private institution or financial aid programmes.

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