Adler School of Professional Psychology

If our high school Biology taught us that human beings are complex organisms with multiple body functions and systems, then Psychology made us aware of the fact that we are even more complex when we start to take into account human behaviors, actions, moods, thinking patterns, perceptions etc. 

So many changes in the world, in our nearby environment and in our own attitude daily affect our lives at various stages. But some people are not able to deal with changes on their own, or worse still, they are not able to understand and realize how life changes. Consequently, relationships, and our own lives can often go in for a toss.

This is where the need for professional psychologists, therapists or psychiatrists comes in. And while we may not be able to understand why it is happening, the fact is that the need for such professionals around us has increased a lot. Research shows that a major chunk of the population considers going to a psychologist at some or the other stage in life.

Obviously, since the demand is so high, there is also a need to ensure that the education provided to such professionals is very good, and is of a decent standard. Keeping that in mind, the Adler School of Professional Psychology offers programs that are industry oriented and can help graduates to find good job opportunities or positions for themselves.

The Chicago campus of the institute has programs like MA in Counseling Psychology, MA in Marriage and Family Counseling, MA in Police Psychology, MA in Counseling and Organizational Psychology, Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology etc. among many more. The MA in Counseling Psychology program can also be done in the online format. The Vancouver campus on the other hand has three main programs – MA in Counseling Psychology, MA in Organizational Psychology and MA in Community Psychology.

There are also a number of certificate programs that are offered by the institute, and these can be taken as either along with degree programs, or individually.

The eligibility criteria for all the programs is mentioned on the institute’s website. It also mentions what all requirements the students will have to fulfill for the successful completion of each of the programs.

While the institute takes applications for all the courses throughout the year, there are specific deadlines for the Doctoral program, the dates for which can be checked on the institute’s website.