Actuarial Science: Best Career for Mathematics Wizards

actuarial-science Actuarial Science is a newly emerging field of science with full of potential for career growth and plenty of promises for high profile career opportunities. Actuarial Science is already considered as one of the top five potential job fields in USA.

Actuarial Science is a three year degree course and there are several institutes in the world which offer specialized programmes in Actuarial Science. If you are a mathematics wizard and have an aptitude for statistics and finance, good at number crunching, then a career choice as an Actuary may be your best career decision.

A career as an Actuary may be a challenging one but it is highly rewarding and remunerative too. As an actuary, you will work in areas of insurance, investment and pensions such as Life Insurance, Health Insurance, and General Insurance; Employee Pensions; Employee Retirement Plans and Employee Benefit Plans; Investment Plans and Financial Schemes and so on.

Your job profile may include planning, designing and pricing of insurance products, insurance schemes and other financial schemes and products, calculating risks involved with various pension and insurance schemes; managing risks associated with various financial schemes; financial management of insurance companies and all other related responsibilities.

Actuarial Science graduates start their career as actuarial trainees with MNCs active in financial and insurance sector. This training helps them hone their managerial and actuarial skills. There are plenty of job opportunities are available for them in health and life insurance companies; general insurance firms;  financial consulting firms; asset management firms; investment firms; actuarial companies; insurance brokerage houses; academic institutions and other such organizations. Major career choices are as professional actuaries; certified actuaries; insurance surveyor; insurance consultant; insurance manager; financial planner etc.

Actuarial Science graduates can opt for memberships in various national and international Actuarial Societies in order to help them create a professional network which is essential for their professional growth.


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